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Now that Saronna's Gift is out, I am working on another science fiction romance called Alien Bonds. It was inspired by my parents' divorce. I got to wondering if it would be better to live in a culture where there was no divorce and from there I wondered what life would be like for a species that didn't have any choice about pairing off.  The result was a novel about an inter-species bonding, sort of Pride and Prejudice meets Avatar.

Here's the back cover blurb:

It was a night that would change Dina's life forever—
The Wakanrean glared down at her, his face contorted into a scowl, his amber eyes glowing with contempt.
“I beg your pardon.” Dina tried to keep the quaver out of her voice. “Do I know you?” 
He was so close, she felt the heat from his body. He didn’t speak, but his anger was an invisible mass pushing against her. She stepped backward, stumbled, and almost fell. 
The Wakanrean grabbed her arm. 
Dina froze, utterly baffled. Wakanreans always avoided touching humans, and yet here he was holding her arm.
His touch almost burned. Dina stood straighter and looked into his face. He had typical Wakanrean features—an arched nose, large round eyes, a wide mouth.

His anger faded to confusion. He looked almost stunned. His nostrils still flared, but Dina knew he was surprised rather than angry. She swallowed once, conscious of discreet glances and overt stares from those around them.

When he released his grip, he brushed her arm with the back of his hand. Shivers of anticipation ran up her spine.
“This is unexpected.” The rich warm timbre of his voice made Dina’s anticipation change to yearning.
“Yes,” she said, unsure of what he meant, but afraid to give offense.
“Where do you live?”
“I have an apartment in the off-world sector.” She fought the urge to close her eyes and just listen to that wonderful voice.

“My house is in the cliffs outside the city. Let’s go there.”
“All right.”
It took Dina a moment to realize that she had agreed to go home with him.

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