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A word to romance readers:
I often include a love story in my books; several, including Saronna's Gift and the Wakanreo trilogy that starts with Alien Bonds Where Magic Rules, Tribes, The Sixth Discipline, and No Safe Haven. Shades of Empire has more than one love story but it's not marketed as a romance, as it's more of a space opera, and is much darker than my other stories. Neither King of Trees nor Turnabout could or should be called romance.


A YA novel set on the far-future world of Menkar 7, the story follows Jehan Amato, only child of a single mother.  After a run-in with a dangerous gang that wants to exploit his secret psy talent for opening locks without tools, Jehan is sent to live in a Drifter caravan with his estranged father. But though Jehan, who has lived in New Hope City all his life, is initially wary of the nomadic people and their unfamiliar customs, in the caravan he comes to learn things about his family and himself that will change his life forever.

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Alien Bonds

The first book of the Wakanreo trilogy:  In ALIEN BONDS, two lives are changed in an instant. Industrial chemist Dina Bellaire travels all the way to the planet Wakanreo to advance her career. Her carefully planned life goes up in flames the second she meets Kuaron Du, a Wakanrean who makes his living singing ancient songs in a dead language. Both of them know they can’t go back to the way they were before they met. They just have to convince the rest of the universe that what happened to them is real.

From the Amazon reviews:

"Extremely well written book with an expressive world and unique take on mating. Very much enjoyed both the main characters and the twists of the best friend. Very much hope there will be a second book about the couple."

"This book grabbed me and did not let go until I finished it...all in one sittin (sic). The character description, the intricacy of their feelings and the build up of the story line was fascinating. I could not put this book down until the end. I usually like my books with a little more "descriptive" romance, but this story sucked me right in without need for the descriptive love scenes. There are some, but story was interesting enough to keep me busy and not disappointed. Cannot wait to see her other stories"

"This was very well done. It was instabond without being campy, immature or even instalove. The two main characters were smart, sympathetic, and likeable. They had real problems to figure out and actually acted like adults while doing so- adults trying to navigate society prejudices, political drama, culture shock and galaxy intrigue all the while trying to forge their own path to love."

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Alien Vows

The second book of the Wakanreo trilogy:  In ALIEN VOWS, Kuaron and Dina's twins are all grown up.  Wakanrean cultural practices demand that mature siblings be separated until one of them mates with someone else, so Yulayan leaves her home to study at a university in faraway Fargaj, where there are many humans. Her father is really not happy when Yulayan tells her parents she has grown fond of one specific human. Kuaron and Dina both know that the situation is one that could easily end in tragedy.

From the Amazon review: 

Very unique universe, great writing, characters, and dialog. It's hilarious, with an awesome storyline! I highly recommend checking this series out! 

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Alien Skies
The third book of the Wakanreo trilogy:  In ALIEN SKIES, Yulayan and her human husband Kamuhi Hailoaka leave Wakanreo when Kamuhi enlists in ThreeConNow constrained by their rules and regulations, he and Yulayan work at being married and raising a child. Kamuhi has always excelled at academic subjects, but simultaneously navigating the pitfalls of bureaucracy, interspecies politics, marriage, and fatherhood at the same time is more of a challenge. Once he is assigned back to Wakanreo, the challenge becomes not only harder but more dangerous. For one thing, there is a Wakanrean male who sees Yulayan as his mate.

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It's not a super power if you can't control it! Jason Miller's biggest worries were keeping up with his homework, paying for his classic jazz habit,and hiding the fact that he carried a flip phone. But then one day he finds himself teleporting from place to place, a talent he can't control. It gets worse when he lands in an alternate world, one that has many, many more women than men. It sounds great until Jason learns the downside to being a precious commodity: Having a harem is no fun when you're the one who's locked up

From the Amazon reviews:

"This is a fascinating story, looking at a lot of society’s issues from a different view point, but still exploring them in a very interesting way. Buxton creates some wonderful characters to tell this story. Marjani and Esi are two that stand out amongst a cast of exceptionally well written characters that don’t just tell this story, but through their portrayals give us a true understanding of what it is like to live in this alternate universe.
Buxton has also done an interesting job of creating Makoro, building this alternate universe and timeline, and how it has evolved under such different circumstances."

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Saronna's Gift

Saronna Maynard never expected to be sold into an off-world household. She and Duncan Trushenko, her new protector, have very little in common. Saronna grew up in a small village outside of New Jerusalem, the largest city on Krueger’s World. Duncan grew up on many worlds, and has traveled the galaxy. He is dumbstruck to return from a business trip and find that his father has purchased a companion for him.

Saronna is terrified by the strangeness of the house and her sense of powerlessness, but in a very short time she realizes she might be better off—and safer—in Duncan’s house than in her father’s. For one thing, Duncan doesn’t believe in witches. Also, the more time she spends with Duncan, the harder it is for her to believe all men are as evil as her mother taught her. But safer or not, Saronna is still intent on keeping her secrets. After all, she’s still on Krueger’s World.

From the Amazon reviews:

“It’s definitely an interesting SciFi/Romantic storyline. The contrasting backgrounds of both individuals make for a very complex relationship. Not only did I like reading about how Saronna handles her struggles, but also how Duncan handles his struggles as he tries to court her. I give it five stars for creativity because I have never read a SciFi romance set in a future world with the oppression solely based on gender. It’s a very feministic but still romantic storyline. I was definitely not disappointed for another one of Buxton’s books.”

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King of Trees

“What if the world we’re on is only one thread out of millions of threads in the rope of time?” 

The question the Outsider woman posed to him left Bardolph as confused as ever. He knew the Outsiders had appeared as if by magic many years before, during his great-grandfather’s reign, but he had never understood where they came from. He only knew they had changed Albion forever. 

Melissa York might have been grateful to her rescuer, who called himself King of Albion, but she saw no reason to let her gratitude influence her opinion of antiquated notions like monarchy and pagan religions. Let the Druids go back to their forests. She and her people were the best defense Albion had against the invaders.

Bardolph knew better. All the people of Albion would need to work together or they would find themselves conquered again. Only this time instead of a Roman emperor, their tribute would be paid to one in faraway China. He only hoped the Outsiders were as clever and as powerful as rumor said they were, because Albion needed all the help it could get.

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The Nostalgia Gambit

Tychon Damiano is a man with a shady past and a clouded future. Hwas minding his own business when disaster struck. Of course, since his business was buying and selling stolen goods, disaster was not entirely unexpected. What was unexpected was a wanted felon waking up in a palace full of servants and high tech gadgets, including a virtual girlfriend. It's all very pleasant except for one little problem:  Ty can't leave. 

Just about the time he discovers that a real woman is vastly superior to the virtual kind, some truly alarming nightmares start to haunt his sleep. Ty learns to play chess from a master, but one thing he's never sure of is, exactly what game is he in? 

From the Amazon reviews:

“Set in Buxton's 3Con universe . . . the Nostalgia Gambit focuses more on characters than on technology, although technology is essential to the plot. Tychon Altair Damiano, a small time fence . . . suddenly Ty is in a very comfortable prison, but still a prison. . . . It is then that things get complicated. [A] family reunion takes place against all the issues of politics . . . Tychon is forced to doubt everything about himself and his memories. The result is a story that builds very slowly and quietly, but packs a punch at the end as Ty learns many truths about himself and his history.”

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Shades of Empire
Alexander Napier never wanted to be a soldier. But on the planet Gaulle, if the Emperor's press gangs find you, saying no is not an option. Alex wears a holographic tattoo of the Emperor's Own Corps, but he knows the marks of his service that don't show are the ones that count most. Meanwhile, on the merchant starship named The Queen Bee, captain and owner Madeline Pallestrino balances meeting her payroll with smuggling weapons to help the rebel cause on Gaulle, all the while fighting her growing attraction to one of her crewman. To all appearances, astrogator Thaddeus Jenner is an autistic savant who can handle six dimensional math but not make everyday conversation; Maddy's not especially interested in conversation, but she doesn't want to exploit him, either. On Gaulle, one of Maddy's legitimate customers is Count Peter Barranca, one of the aristocrats who represent the old order of the empire headed by the ruthless and inbred du Plessis family. As these people's paths intersect, secrets are uncovered, old loyalties are tested, and new alliances are formed on both personal and political levels. Shades of Empire puts a Caligula-esque story in a space opera setting and leavens the mix with touches of humor and romance.

From the Amazon reviews:
“Alexander, the central character, who has been drafted into the Emperor's guards, attempts to help a desperate concubine escape, and, being caught, is spaced, and rescued by the merchant ship. This begins a tangle of plots involving the imperial family, rebels, and covert operations by ThreeCon. It raises some questions about expedience versus truth that reminds me, of Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series.”

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Where Magic Rules
Joseph Andrews wandered away from an Army Reserve training exercise and into an alternate world where magic rules science and mages rule the land. He has learned the language and taken service with the kindest mage he can find, but he still dreams of the real world.    

When Joe rescues a wounded soldier in service to a dark lord, he finds he has saved not a young boy but a woman who calls herself Phillip and insists she's really a man. Joe is shocked when the Great Mage orders him to go on a quest with Phillip but his surprise is mild compared to Phillip's outrage. 

Part road movie, part romantic comedy, this novella follows Joe and Phillip as they try to fulfill the Great Mage's demand without killing each other along the way.  

From the Amazon reviews:
“ Whatever you have been expecting of a dragon, except for being large, winged, and reptilian, it probably isn't like this dragon. He's one of the most charming characters in the story. I won't reveal any more of the plot, except to say that I enjoyed the book and its twists. While its not a humorous tale, there is quite a bit of humor in it, which was one of the main charms of the story.”

“I've downloaded so many books lately that start off well, but disintegrate a little ways in - it's a real joy to discover a new author who holds her ground throughout.” (review by Janis Ian)

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Hob is a slave. He lives on a world colonized by prisoners, violent male criminals and militant feminists/terrorists. They originally formed themselves into gangs, and over time those gangs evolved into tribes, each of which is either all male or all female. Girl babies always have a tribe, but when a woman has a boy baby and can't find a man to take him into his tribe, the boy becomes a slave.

Hob escapes the compound where he has been used and abused and is rescued by a woman from a fighting tribe. Jahnsi Han-Lin offers shelter at her father's house, and a glimpse of what family life can be, even with tribal obligations. While Jahnsi and her father and brother plot to keep Hob free, Hob himself is torn between his desire to flee into the wilderness and his growing attraction to Jahnsi.

From the Amazon reviews:
“One thing that is very interesting in the plot is the tradeoffs inherent in the tribal structure. On the one hand, it is a reliable source of protection, resources and order. On the other, it can be confining and dictatorial, especially when the leaders of the tribes have their own personal interests. The characters drew very real sympathy from me as they attempted to negotiate their loyalties. . . . I also really liked the characters, which is very important to me in a novel. LuAnne and Forest were a particularly appealing pair. I was also touched by the integrity and courage of the Ortega-Han-Lin family of Gareth Ortega and his children . . .  Hob has to take equal risks to rescue almost the first people that he has ever loved and trusted.” 

“The world-building was excellent. Buxton created a fascinating society where gender dictates the direction a life took--and that life's place in society.”

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The Sixth Discipline
Ran-Del Jahanpur has spent his entire life in the Sansoussy Forest; he's a hunter and a warrior until one morning when he becomes prey for a hunting party with more advanced technology. He wakes up to what might as well be a different world, a city from which there seems no escape.

From the Amazon reviews:
“All the characters are sharply drawn and believable . . . . The final resolutions include Sansoussy rituals and political maneuvering in Shangri-la. Tension is high and the outcome satisfactory. A good read.”

“The characters have some depth and nuance, and nothing is simple and straight forward. Enough subplots are resolved so that this seems like a complete novel, but there are plenty of openings for developing sequels . . . In some ways, in view of the growing economic inequities in the United States, it is a little scary, kind of like reading about the downfall of the Roman Republic."

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No Safe Haven
In the sequel to The Sixth Discipline, Ran-Del still feels bound by the strict code of the Sansoussy even though he has come to accept his life in the city. When his family is put at risk, his training and his principles seem inconsequential when measured against the life of a child.

From the Amazon reviews:

“I kept putting the book down to sleep, telling myself firmly that I had to work the next day, but I kept reading just a little more, unable to bear the suspense. One of the things that I like about these books is that although there are plenty of action scenes, it isn't all shoot-em up. Many of the struggles are intellectual and based more on plotting and conniving than on brute strength. There is a great deal of emphasis on family relationships, sometimes some very strange ones. The author has a lot of romantic elements, but most of the women as well as the men are very strong, independent characters.”

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