Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Another free ebook!

Updated to show this is now free on Amazon, too! 

It's actually not that easy to give away an ebook, at least not via a vendor site.  Amazon's KDP platform will only let an author make a book free a very limited number of days, and the ebook has to be exclusive to the Kindle store.  None of my books are exclusive to Amazon at the moment. I only do that for the first 90 days when I launch a new book.

However, Smashwords is another story. Smashwords sets no limits on making books free, and when it's free on Smashwords, most of the retailers they distribute to follow suit, eventually. Sometimes it takes them a while, though. But in the meantime, you can get the free ebook from Smashwords in any format, including Kindle and ePub, and always DRM-free. See this post if you want info on putting Smashwords books on a Kindle.

So, I wanted to make another book free. I happen to have one novella for sale, Where Magic Rules, my only fantasy. It has magic and a dragon! I decided to make it free wherever possible as a sort of "summer sale." I changed the price to be free on Smashwords, and the next day it was also free in iBooks!  It took a little longer, but eventually Nook (B&N) and then the Kindle stores followed suit. No luck in the Kobo store yet, but I am watching for the change.  The info on this ebook, my only fantasy, as of now, is listed below. I plan to keep it free for a while, a few weeks or even months.

Where Magic Rules
Joseph Andrews wandered away from an Army Reserve training exercise and into an alternate world where magic rules science and mages rule the land. He has learned the language and taken service with the kindest mage he can find, but he still dreams of the real world.    

When Joe rescues a wounded soldier in service to a dark lord, he finds he has saved not a young boy but a woman who calls herself Phillip and insists she's really a man. Joe is shocked when the Great Mage orders him to go on a quest with Phillip, but his surprise is mild compared to Phillip's outrage. 

Part road movie, part romantic comedy, this novella follows Joe and Phillip as they try to fulfill the Great Mage's demand without killing each other along the way.  

From the Amazon reviews:

“Whatever you have been expecting of a dragon, except for being large, winged, and reptilian, it probably isn't like this dragon. He's one of the most charming characters in the story. I won't reveal any more of the plot, except to say that I enjoyed the book and its twists. While its not a humorous tale, there is quite a bit of humor in it, which was one of the main charms of the story.”

“I've downloaded so many books lately that start off well, but disintegrate a little ways in - it's a real joy to discover a new author who holds her ground throughout.” (review by Janis Ian)

Currently this novella is free in the US Kindle storeand on SmashwordsiBooks, and the Nook store (Barnes & Noble).Hopefully it will be free in the Kobo store soon.  If you want it for your Kindle and you're not in the US, you can get it free from Smashwords and side-load it to the Kindle, or you can try clicking the "tell us about a cheaper price" link on the books Kindle page in your store, and then paste in the link to the Nook store.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Good news (I hope!) for Jane Austen fans and P.D. James fans

Some time ago I wrote a review of Death Comes to Pemberley by PD James. The novel is both a sequel to Pride and Prejudice and a murder mystery. PBS plans to air a dramatization of the book as a Masterpiece Theater miniseries that starts this coming October.

I really, really hope they didn't muck it up! It looks okay from the preview, but you never know.