Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Amazon is adding hardcovers!

Amazon KDP is running a beta project of publishing in hardcover. I'm trying it out with my upcoming duology The Nameless World. I just got my proof copies! I think they look pretty good! See for yourself! The Kindle versions release March 1, and the paperback and hardback soon after.

The North Edge of Nowhere, standing on its own

The front covers of both books

The spines of both books

As you can see from the photo of the spines, both The North Edge of Nowhere and Oaths and Promises  are coming out under my Cracked Mirror Press imprint. I had to get the covers I had used for the paperback tweaked for the hardcover so I'm not sure if I will go back and do other books in hardcover. However, I'm glad it was available for this duology because it ad the Wakanreo books are my favorites. 

Friday, February 19, 2021

Cover Reveal: The Nameless World duology!

 My next two releases are really one story, so I'm releasing them at the same time. They will be available in the Kindle store on March 1 (already available for pre-order), and hopefully also in paperback at that time. I am also trying out Amazon's new hardback option, but I haven't seen the proof copies for that, so I'm not going to promise there will be hardbacks. 

Likewise, I don't know for sure if I will launch on other ebook platforms. Participating in the Kindle Unlimited subscription service requires exclusivity to Kindle. Some of my books have done very well in Kindle Unlimited but those are all romances. The first Nameless World book has a romance between secondary characters, but love doesn't kick in the the main character until Book 2. So, I shall launch in Kindle Unlimited but if the books don't do well there then I shall not re-enroll after 90 days, and then launch in other ebook stores.

Here are the two books that make up the Nameless World duology:

Cover designs by Jeff Ward, http://www.stungeonstudios.com/

The North Edge of Nowhere

On the nameless world settled long ago by human colonists, humanity has spread out. Darius is seventeen and was born and lived all his life in a warm southern climate. Raised as a prince, he conceives the desire to a desire to see his maternal relations, who live in and rule a city-state a good distance north of his home. But when disaster strikes on the journey, Darius is forced to travel even farther north, where he discovers his very existence is a kind of riddle to which only a few people know the answer. As he struggles to cope with a new way of living, a man named Daniel the Wanderer befriends him, and a cousin he didn’t know he had teaches him that women are not always meek and well-behaved. All in all, life is very different in the North.

Oaths and Promises

Twenty-year-old Darius is a man grown, but his childhood still haunts him. Raised as a prince in a distant southern city, he now lives in Castle Muir, a fiefdom in the far north of the nameless world. Having sworn an oath to remain in the fief and to obey the lord of it, his biological father, he still feels a sense of resentment at his circumstances. His friendship with Daniel the Wanderer remains strong, even when he finds out Daniel’s secret. When his cousin Bronwyn comes to live at Castle Muir, Darius’s oath of obedience is tested. Bronwyn is often rude to Darius, which makes it hard for him to treat her with the respect his father demands. But when his father speaks of Bronwyn becoming like a sister to Darius, he’s sure of one thing: When he looks at Bronwyn, he does not see his sister.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Attention avid readers! The Winter Games of reading & reviewing opens on Sunday!


There is a Facebook group called The Winter Games Readers ' Challenge and starting Sunday, February 14, they will be open for business.  If you're a voracious reader who's on Facebook, you might want to check it out. There are 56 authors participating, in many different genres. You can check them out from inside the group.  

To participate, you join the group (Click the Join button! ). Opening Ceremonies will happen on Feb 14 at 7 pm EST, and will last approximately 30- 45 minutes.Since there are so many authors, there are will also be "raves" every few days, through March 11, where seven or eight  authors (announced ahead of time) are online and available to chat with readers through FB comments. My rave is scheduled for February 25, at 7 pm EST (all raves will be at 7 pm EST.)

Once you find a book and/or an author who looks likely, you can then request a free copy of the book the author is offering. The author will either gift the Kindle version book via Amazon, or send you a mobi file that you can read on almost any device. Of you don't have a tablet or a phone, you could also ask for a PDF and print it or read it on your PC. Note that some books are already free if you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber. 

Once you get the free book, you are then obligated to read and review the book on Amazon or BookBub or  both. It doesn't have to be a long review. A few sentences is fine: no one expects an NYT or WaPo-style review. Just say what you liked about the book or even what you didn't like. As long as it's your own words and not just part of the book's blurb pasted into the review, it's okay. There are prizes for the readers who read the most books and those who post the most reviews. You can request a book from every author, if you like, but be prepared to read the books you ask for! Note that you have to alert the author if you get the book via Kindle Unlimited if you want to get credit for your review(s). 

I'm offering ALIEN BONDS, the first book in my Wakanreo series. Here's the top review for this book:

Reviewed in the United States on November 29, 2020

Verified Purchase
I am very impressed with this story, not only because is very original (at least to me being fairly new to this genre) and because the love story is so intercepted by evolution, politics and the cultural differences of two humanoid and Alien species. A must read.
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Because the X-Ray feature is so useful in this particular book, I plan to gift the Kindle version via Amazon, to readers who request it. If that's not possible (say if the reader is in a foreign country) I can send the requester a file. Also note, if you happen to have read this book already, you can ask for a different one.  See the My Books tab or my Amazon author page  for a list.  Note this offer is only open to folks participating in the winter Games Readers' Challenge. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email me (see Contact tab above) or post a comment! 

Friday, February 5, 2021

HIDDEN MAGIC is FREE through Monday!

 HIDDEN MAGIC, my newest release, is free in the Kindle store now through Monday! Grab it while you can! 

The valley of the River Wystan is isolated from the rest of the world. Many years before it had been united under the Lord of Cold Spring, who had suppressed the practice of magic. But when he died, his son wasn’t strong enough to hold the other lords’ loyalty. Now Lord Garrick, the new Lord of Cold Spring, means to resume his grandfather’s role of overlord for the whole valley. Young Richart Tallengen, newly minted Lord of Esterby, tries to fight off Lord Garrick’s men, but he’s captured and carried to Cold Spring Castle. When his sister Maura comes to Cold Spring to see her brother, she catches Lord Garrick’s eye. Lord Garrick is as attracted by her courage and her brains as much as by her looks, but he is very surprised to discover that there is more to Maura than meets the eye. She has magical abilities, even though she doesn’t know it.