Sunday, June 19, 2022

Looks what's featured on eBookDaily's Freebies page!

 It's the first book in the Haven duology, THE SIXTH DISCIPLINE!

I recently ran a promotion on this book, and it has done pretty well.

Check it out before it has gone from the site! And there are plenty of other books listed there, too. 

Sunday, June 12, 2022


 Where Magic Rules is a fantasy novella with a love story at its core. Joseph, a modern day man finds himself transported to a world of mages, magic, and dragons. During a battle, he saves the life of what appears to be a very young enemy soldier, only to discover he has saved a young woman who wears a distinctive and interesting charm. 

Here is a snippet from Chapter 2:

“Ah!”  The Great Mage moved closer to the bed and scrutinized her intently.

She returned his stare, not flinching even when he stepped closer.  “You don’t frighten me, old man.”

“Don’t I?”  Suddenly the mage lunged forward and grabbed her by the arm.

Phillip gave a strangled gasp but didn’t otherwise cry out.  It looked to Joe as if she wanted to pull away but couldn’t.  Joe could identify with that feeling.

“Joe!” the mage said.  “Take the stone in your right hand.  Pull it as far away from Phillip as you can without hurting her.”

Joe obeyed reluctantly.  He folded his right hand into a fist around the stone, then pulled the chain to its full length, which was not very far. 

The Great Mage took a step closer and shifted his grip to Phillip’s shoulders.  She gave a little sigh, a faint, breathy whisper, and closed her eyes.

The three of them stayed frozen for almost a full minute.  Joe was wondering if Phillip had fallen asleep when she opened her eyes and looked at him.

She seemed to Joe to be staring at him hungrily, as if he were something she wanted very badly.

“Now,” the Great Mage said, “let go of the stone, Joe, and step back a pace.”

Joe obeyed.  As soon as the stone again lay on her skin, Phillip’s angry glare returned.  She said nothing, however, until the Great Mage released her and stepped back.

“Keep that man away from me!”  She shouted at the mage, but she pointed at Joe.  “Keep him away, or I’ll kill him!”

Her fierceness stunned Joe.  She sounded sincere.

“You have a poor sense of gratitude,” the Great Mage said.  “Joe saved your life.”

Phillip grimaced and gave Joe a sulky scowl.  “Thank you.  Now go away.”

“Fine with me,” Joe said.  “May I leave now, sir?”

“Not just yet,” the Great Mage said.  “I’ve finally determined why you came to us, Joseph.”

Joe blinked in surprise.  “Sir?”

“I said when you accepted me as your overlord that I would keep you close until the day I found enlightenment about your purpose here.  Do you remember?”

For the past three years Joe had wondered if that day would ever arrive.  “Yes, sir.”

The Great Mage’s expression grew serene.  “Your purpose is to help Phillip find her true self.  You’ll have to start right away.”

Joe’s jaw dropped, and at the same time, Phillip blurted out an angry expletive.

“Now, now,” the Great Mage said.  “Such language isn’t appreciated here, Phillip.  You’ll have to learn to guard your tongue.”

Sister Gertruda fluttered near the bed like a moth near a candle.  “My lord, she must keep quiet!  The wound could reopen if she doesn’t.”

“Precisely,” the Great Mage said.  “I think a small sleeping draught is in order, sister.”

“A curse on you and all your progeny!” Phillip shouted.  “May they all sicken and die terrible deaths!”

“I have no progeny,” the Great Mage said, unperturbed.  “No child of my body, in any event.”

“Then may the worms eat you, as you lie cold and forgotten in the earth!”

“The worms eat everyone who dies,” the mage said.  “No one lives forever, and no one is remembered forever.  Your curse applies to everyone, sooner or later.”

“Then I shall make it sooner!” Phillip cried, lunging at the Great Mage.

Joe jumped to intercept her.  Holding her back without hurting her proved a difficult task.

Sister Gertruda entered the fray with a cup of sleeping draught, but it was only when the Great Mage took hold of Phillip’s arm that she became calm enough for Sister Gertruda to hold the cup to her mouth.

The wounded woman choked and swallowed, then dashed the cup to the floor.  “Take your bloody swill elsewhere, you pig of a woman!”

“How much did you manage to give her, sister?” the mage asked.

“Enough,” Sister Gertruda said with grim satisfaction.  “She’ll sleep soon.”

“Bastard!”  Phillip pulled free from Joe’s slackened grasp and sank down upon the bed.  “For all your high sounding phrases, you’re no better than a dark lord.”

Sister Gertruda gasped in indignation.  “Mind your tongue!”

Phillip looked as if she would like to retort, but instead, she merely lay down as if she were exhausted.

“The sleeping draught is working,” Sister Gertruda said, pleased.

“Yes,” the Great Mage said, as Phillip closed her eyes.  “As soon as she’s sound asleep, have her conveyed to Joe’s room.”

“My room?” Joe blurted out.  “Why?”

“Because you’re going to tend her while she heals,” the Great Mage said.  “You need to get to know each other better before you leave on your quest.”

“What quest?” Joe said, feeling as if the floor had rocked under his feet.

The Great Mage shrugged. “I haven’t decided yet.”

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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

A sucessful promotion

Alien Bonds is no longer free.   

The promotion lasted five days, from midnight PDT Friday, May 6 to midnight PDT Tuesday, May 10,  and I gave away 1,777 copies of the Kindle version over that time. I paid for a listing Book Gorilla on Saturday and in FreeBooksy on Sunday.

On May 10 it had dropped a bit but it had picked up a few ratings. 

As of today, this is the raninkig:

It also gained 12 ratings/reviews, including this one:

Reviewed in the United States on May 27, 2022
Even though the book seemed very long, it really wasn’t. It just dealt in a lot of the intricacies of every day living with an u familiar species on an unfamiliar planet, which we needed to see on order to appreciate the struggles that our characters were facing. I especially loved the finesse with which Jared’s ceremony was handled - no more words needed to be said and that whole scene was TIGHT!! Very good book. I would love to know more.
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There was a small uptick in sales of the two sequels, but surprisingly what went up noticeably was Kindle Unlimited reads of the whole trilogy. The algorithm for recommending books to KU readers must uses sales data.