Thursday, July 26, 2018

ALIEN VOWS is now available for pre-order!

The Kindle version of Alien Vows is now available for pre-order! The paperback version will be along soon, but I have to make some corrections to it. I've ordered a proof copy to be sure I want the matte cover. Delivery is set for September 5.

I've finally figured out how to handle the X-Ray feature. It's not available in the KDP author dashboard until the book is loaded and ready, so you have to make it available for sale or pre-order if you want to be able to run the X-Ray tool. At the same time, you are locked out of making changes several days before the delivery date, so you need to set that far enough ahead that you can do all your corrections and reload the file well before that date. With all the alien words in this series, X-Ray is crucial!

I always give my proofreader a copy of the formatted print pages as she finds that much easier to proof from than a Kindle copy.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Another guest blog post

Today my blog post on when and why I write a book in a series instead of a standalone book is up on  the SFR Brigade blog. The members of the SFRB write science fiction romance (or sometimes science fiction with a strong element of romance). I fit right in!

Here's a list of my books, arranged by series/genre. The titles in red are science fiction romance. Also, keep in mind that the ThreeCon books share a universe but no overlapping characters so they can be read in any order.