Sunday, October 25, 2020

The Haven books are now available in paperback!

 My first two published novels, The Sixth Discipline and its direct sequel No Safe Haven are now for sale as paperbacks.  Here are the new covers:

For some reason, Amazon put  The Sixth Discipline on sale for $11.99 even though the regular price is $14.99 If you have any interest in the paperback, get it ow befor the change their minds. 

Friday, October 16, 2020

New covers and a new format for the Haven books

The first book I published was The Sixth Discipline, followed by the sequel No Safe Haven. Both are currently available only as ebooks. When I decided to also put them out in paperback, I bought new covers for them. Here's a teaser for the first one:

I am still hashing out the formats but I hope to have both books available in paperback soon, and I will re-issue the ebook versions with the new covers. 

Here's the teaser for No Safe Haven:

As you can see, I am emphasizing the romantic elements in these books. They are there, so might as well let people see that,