Friday, September 16, 2011

Great site for Kindle owners/readers!

If you use a Kindle or a Kindle app to read ebooks, you might be interested to know about a very useful free resource on the web.  It's called, and it's main purpose is to alert you when a book either becomes available on the Kindle, or when it's price drops to a point that you specify. It's a great idea, because price is more dynamic for ebooks than for print books. If publishers are smart, they drop the price of an ebook when a cheaper version of the print book comes out. Publishers will also run sales as promotions, and this is one way to get alerted if you're interested in specific books but don't want to pay the current price.

You need to set your region/country but then you can sign up for your own custom notices for the books you're interested in. You'l get email if the book drops enough in price.

They also have a link for Kindle books that publishers offer free as a promotion, and links to browse books recently added to the Kindle store or newly reduced in price.   It's a great site for Kindle readers.

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