Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two out of three is a good start!

I checked over at the Blio ebookstore, and The Sixth Discipline is now for sale there!  So is Tribes, but No Safe Haven seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle, possibly because there's already a book with that exact title (although they don't seem to have any problem with Seth Godin's book also being named Tribes so maybe that's a red herring).

I bought a copy of my own book so that I can check it out on the Blio ereader, which I downloaded onto my smart phone. Blio works on Android, iOS, and Windows. I want to see how the book looks, but also I want to see how long it takes for Blio to send Smashwords the sales data.

Smashwords did just update both Sony and Apple's sales numbers, and again, I'm doing better in iBooks than in the Kindle store, especially in Australia. Go Aussies!

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