Sunday, June 17, 2012

Where Magic Rules got a celebrity review!

The giveaway is over, but one wonderful result of it is that Where Magic Rules got a review from musician Janis Ian, who is known for her love of science fiction and fantasy (a love that is returned, by the way; she is a popular guest at conventions). She starts the review by pointing out that she had never heard of me and downloaded the book only because it was free; she says next that she was pleasantly surprised by it. I will quote her last sentence here:
“I've downloaded so many books lately that start off well, but disintegrate a little ways in - it's a real joy to discover a new author who holds her ground throughout.”
It's a short review, but she gave the novella five stars!

I know what you're thinking: How do I know this is the real Janis Ian? Well, for one thing, her reviews have an Amazon “real name” badge, which means the name on her credit card matches the name on her review. Also, her profile shows her birthday and that she lives in Nashville, and Wikipedia shows those as a match for Janis Ian.

I gave away well over 500 copies of Where Magic Rules, but that one really paid off!