Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Sixth Discipline got an interesting review

The blog A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions gave The Sixth Discipline an interesting review. The blogger/reviewer is a librarian who seems very well read. She does something interesting in that in addition to a plot synopsis and what she liked and didn't like (some of both, in this case), she lists what she calls "Read-alikes," books that are similar in plot or in overall feel.

One of the read-alikes for my book was Nation, by Terry Pratchett, a book I very much enjoyed. It's YA, but it does have a clash-of-cultures theme vaguely similar to that found in T6thD.  I didn't recognize the other books. I have a feeling Library Girl has a leg up on me, at least as far as recent fiction, but I was pleased to have a book of mine be compared to one by Terry Pratchett, an author I admire.

I also found it interesting that Library Girl was almost angry at Ran-Del, the male protagonist of The Sixth Discipline, as most people who get annoyed with any of the characters in that books take issue more with Francesca than with Ran-Del.  Certainly the members of my writing group were much more on his side than on hers.

Library Girl also did a pretty good job of explaining her reasons for what she liked and what she didn't without giving away the actual plot ending, too. All in all, it's a well done review.

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