Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Nostalgia Gambit got a wonderful review!

The book blog An Eclectic Bookshelf reviewed The Nostalgia Gambit! Reviewer David Killie had some very nice things to say about the story
“The plot follows Tychon Damiano, a small time crook who takes pleasure in stealing from his nation’s aristocratic rulers. ... Basically this is another novel in which Buxton continues to impress me with the interesting and varied worlds she creates which are a main element in the overall attraction of her novels.
[The author] manages to keep the reader interested and entertained via the use of politics, intrigue and Ty’s psychological response to the situation.”
The Eclectic Bookshelf blog lives up to his name, and since the reviews are all neatly categorized by genre, with  links on the main page, it's always easy to find books of interest. David reviews both traditionally published books by well known authors and self published books, and he reads a lot, so there is a wide selection. Plus, since David lives in the UK, he always includes "buy" links for sites other than the US. 

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