Tuesday, September 20, 2016

King of Trees is coming to print!

I have been working with book cover designer Alexander von Ness to get a new cover made for King of Trees, which will also launch as a print book.  This is what the print version will look like, with just one minor tweak.

I'm very excited about this cover! I think it does a much better job of conveying the themes of the story than the first one, which was thrown together in a hurry.  I can't wait for this change to happen! 

Stranded in an alternate time line, a small group of time travelers alter the course of history in a version of Britain that never had an Industrial Revolution. The settlers help dethrone the Druid-backed monarchy, but generations later, Bardolph Patrickson, loyal son, hardworking blacksmith, and King of Albion, must work with their descendants to keep the island nation free of new invaders.

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