Friday, March 8, 2019

Updated info on sending files to a Kindle

I've noticed that Amazon has changed some of their pages, so here are updated directions for how to email files to a Kindle. You can send an MS Word file, an ASCII text file, a PDF, or a *.mobi file to your Kindle if you first do this one-time set up procedure:
  1. Log on to Amazon and hover the cursor over Account & Lists
  2. This makes several lists appear. 
  3. About 2/3 of the way down on the far right column, click Your Content & Devices 
  4. On the Manage Your Content & Devices page, click the Preferences tab 
  5. Scroll down to Personal Document Settings and click that.
  6.  A list of your Kindle devices should appear with the email address for each shown. 
  7. Make a note of the address for the Kindle you plan to use.
  8. Next, scroll down to where it says Approved Personal Document E-mail List and add the email address you will use to send the file; if you don't add the address, then nothing will reach your Kindle via email
Now all you have to do any time you want to put a file on your Kindle is to create an email to the Kindle's email address, attach the file, and click Send. Note that if you attach a PDF it will arrive as a PDF, unless you put the word "convert" on the subject line of the email. This will convert it to reflowable text and you can then change the font size  on the Kindle, if needed. 

Important Notes: Unless the file is mobi, the file name will become the document name. Also, regardless of format, once the file is on the Kindle, it is considered a "personal document" and not a book. If you set your home screen to show only "books" you will only see those Kindle books you bought from Amazon. If you're sending a PDF, the subject line should be the the word "CONVERT," or the PDF file will end up as a PDF on the Kindle;  that is, it won't be a normal book, but rather a series of images. 

Very important note

There is no charge for emailing documents UNLESS you are using a 3G connection. Be sure you are using wifi when you email a file, to avoid per/MB charges to your account.

Addendum added February 2021

In response to Kindle-hacking, Amazon now sends an email asking you to verify that you sent the file. You have to click the blue box or the file will not be delivered. See below for an illustration.

Kindle Logo
Hi ,

We received a request to send the following document to your Kindle account:
* Drifters.docx

Click below within 48 hours to verify this request.

Verify Request

Thank you for reading with Kindle!

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