Friday, December 20, 2019

More on My Latest Book Promotion

I gave away a bunch of  books during my recent promotion of ALIEN BONDS,  but interesly, this didn't have a lot of impact on sales afterwards. It did, however, noticeably increase my Kindle Unlimited borrows for the Wakanreo trilogy. All three books are still doing better, in fact,

I think this must relate to how sales (in this case, during the promotion) affect what is recommended to customers. I'm thinking that the buying history of anyone who bought my books during the promotion would prompt KU borrowers to see, "People who read this also read. . ." with ALIEN BONDS included on the list. And since the entire trilogy is in KU, all three of them have been doing better.

And with long books like this, I actually make more money on a borrow than a sale. 

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