Saturday, January 18, 2020

My review of the Kindle Oasis

Santa,  in the form of my husband,  was good to me this year. I got the new Kindle Oasis for Christmas!

I love this Kindle!  The screen is slightly bigger,  which is nice, especially if you like to read with a larger font. Also, the design accommodates one-handed reading much better than previous Kindles. One side is wider than the other,  and has actual page turn buttons, not like the recessed page turn spots on my Kindle Voyage.  If you're left-handed, you simply flip it over and the buttons are in the left. Mind you it still has a touch screen if you prefer swiping pages to pushing buttons.

It also has Bluetooth, but I haven't used it yet.
Other advantages are that the Oasis is waterproof and it has a warmer light, although I find that a pretty subtle difference.Like the Voyage and the paperwhite, if you buy the cover for it, the Oasis "wakes up" when you open the over. It appears to use exactly the same charging connection as earlier Kindles.

The on-off switch is on on the top edge (assuming right handed buttons). Bt you won't need to use it much unless you're reading without the cover on.

You can't see the button in this view because the camera's light reflected off the metal but it's there. With the cover on and no buttons visible, it's easier to see how close to a square the Oasis is.

All in all, I love my new Kindle! Whether it's enough better than a Paperwhite or the (no longer for sale new, except possibly from 3rd party sellers on Amazon) Voyage to justify the price increase, I can't say, but I'm not giving it back! As usual, I got the 3G connectivity as well as WiFi. All my Kindles have worked great on my home WiFi but there were a few times I could not use hotel Wifi so I always get the 3G. If you're holding a Kindle in your hand and wanting a book, it's a terrible feeling NOT to to be able to get it..

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