Saturday, May 5, 2012

Today is a windup day

Today I sent my corrected files for Shades of Empire to 52Novels, the conversion/ebook design house I use. I also got the count for the giveaway yesterday of Where Magic Rules, which is back on sale today for 99¢. 

I gave away over 300 books in 24 hours, which isn't bad, for a brand new genre novella without a single review (it's only been out a couple weeks). I plan to wait a while before doing anymore Kindle promotions, but it was interesting to see how it went. Surprisingly, a number of copies were “bought” in the UK and a handful in the one in Germany.  None in Italy, Spain, or France, though.

Now if only Smashwords would update it's Apple iBooks sales figures, I could decide whether it will be worth it to launch Shades as a Kindle Select book! 

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