Friday, May 10, 2013

Last day to borrow King of Trees

Today (May 10) is the last day that King of Trees will be in the KDP Select Program, which means it's also the last day it will be in the Kindle Owners Lending Library (KOLL). In additon to books published via KDP Select, there are a lot of tradionally published books in the KOLL, too.  Amazon negotiated with some publishers and pays a fee every time somone borrows a book. The Harry Potter books are the most famous example.

If you own a Kindle or a Kindle Fire and you have Amazon Prime, you can borrow one book a month for free from the KOLL.  The trick is, you have to borrow the book from your Kindle or Kindle Fire.  You can't do it fom the web.

But, since King of Trees is no longer going to be in KDP Select, that means I can load it to other vendor platforms, which I plan to do ASAP. I'll be sure to post when it hits the major ebookstores.

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