Sunday, May 5, 2013

Still riding the wave . . .

In my last post I mentioned that The Sixth Discipline had been featured in a BookBub promotion. Well, the heady rush of giving away a thousand books in a little over an hour has calmed down, but the book is still doing well. At its peak, it got up to #15 in free Kindle books, and #1 in free science fiction books.  It has dropped to #37 in free Kindle books, but it's holding on to #3 in free science fiction.

Which goes to show you the size of the digital market! And also the value of promotion. Thanks to giving away the first book free, No Safe Haven, the sequel, is now selling better than it ever has!

Another benefit to BookBub is that it covers all the major ebook platforms, not just the Kindle store. BookBub patrons can select which ebookstores they want to receive notices for. Thus, whether an author has a book free in multiple bookstores, or only in one, he can still reach the right customers with BookBub.

I'm sure happy I signed on.  I just wish Smashwords could get retailer data online faster, so I could see the impact of the promotion in other bookstores besides Kindle.

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