Sunday, April 8, 2012

Another thought on the Hugos

Just another brief post on the Hugos. . . . DAW publisher and long-time book editor Betsy Wollheim posted on Facebook (you need to be logged on to FB for the link to work) that she was on the Hugo ballot for the first time in 37 years.

This highlights the invisibility of book editors to all but industry insiders. Unless the author mentions the editor's name in the dedication, it never appears in the books he or she edits. It certainly isn't in the cataloging info for print books or the metadata for ebooks. Until the Hugos added a category for long-form editing a few years ago, book editors were nominated much less often than short story (magazine) editors. I don't even know if a book editor ever won.

I wish the Hugo voting packet included a list of the books the nominated long-form editors edited! It would be much easier to make a choice. Maybe I will suggest that to the Worldcon folks?

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