Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hugo bargain basement shopping

This year, Worldcon will be Chicon 7,  because it's being held in Chicago, IL.  I won't be heading to Chicago in August, but I did buy a supporting membership to Chicon.   If you want to know one big part of my reasons, take a look at this list of Hugo nominations for 2012, just announced today.

There are 5 novels, 6 novellas, 5 novelettes, and 5 short stories nominated, as well as several works of nonfiction and some screenplays. As a member of Chicon, I get to vote for the Hugos; to help voting members decide how to vote, Chicon will send them each a digital packet of pretty much all the nominated works, all 5 novels, all 6 novellas. etc. The last couple of years, they've been very good about providing a variety of formats, so putting these works on an ereader is pretty easy.

It's a lot of stuff! My usual plan of attack is to read the shorter works all the way through.  With the novels, if it holds my interest, I finish it. If it doesn't, I move on.  But when I get my ballot, I have a pretty good idea how I want to vote, and I feel much better about picking one work over another because I've at least started everything.

If you're interested, check out the online registration page. Supporting memberships are still $50.  But don't put it off, because you'll need time to read all those works in time to vote!

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