Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Amazon wish list

This isn't a list of things I want to buy from Amazon, it's things I wish Amazon would do for their Kindle platform and/or bookstore.

  1. Allow the user to select which Kindle or Kindle app is the default. I constantly send things to the wrong Kindle when I buy a book or download a free book because it won't let me change the default "Send to" button from my husband's Kindle 3 to my Kindle Touch. 
  2. Provide a button to pre-order a free sample. When a book is available for pre-order, you can either buy it or not, but you can't see a sample online and you have no way to say "Send me a sample of this as soon as it comes out." I see a lot of books in Amazon marketing emails that sound interesting but if I don't know for sure I want the book, I am not pre-odering it without a sample. If I forget to check my wish list, I might never check out that book any further.
  3. Restore the header line! I really miss seeing the author/title of the book at the top of the screen when I am reading. I know it takes a line of text from the screen, but why can't they at least make it a display option for those of use who want it?
  4. Make the page shorter when in read-aloud mode. On the Kindle Touch, the menu stays on the bottom of the screen when it is reading aloud. I like that because it is faster for pausing, turning it on and off, but it covers up the text beneath it. I like to proof on my Kindle, so I want to hear and see the text at the same time! The same is true for folks with dyslexia, who use ereaders to help with comprehension. 
  5.  Provide an epub email conversion. They must be able to do this; converting from epub has got to be easier and more reliable than converting from MS Word. Amazon lets publishers submit epub books and converts them to Kindle format, so let Kindle owners use that conversion, too!    

There you go, five things! Is that too much to ask? Come on, Amazon, get with it!

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