Thursday, April 19, 2012

Availability and pricing update

I have been checking the various retail outlets, and the price change to make Tribes and No Safe Haven $2.99 again is in place in the KindleNookiBooksSmashwords, and Sony ebookstoresKobo now has Tribes back (it had lost it for a while) but the book is still priced at 99¢, and there's no sign of the other two novels.  Diesel has still lost all my books! And the newest outlet, Blio, has Tribes and The Sixth Discipline, both  for 99¢ but with no sign of No Safe Haven.

Actually, Blio is no longer the newest outlet for me, because I recently uploaded The Sixth Discipline to Goodreads in ePub format.  You can buy it there DRM-free, just like Smashwords.

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